Conair CBD10NCS Quick-Braid Hair Braider

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Conair CBD10NCS Quick-Braid Hair Braider Description

Product Description Conair Quick Braid Hair Braider If you never have time to plait your mane in the morning, or if you’re too fumble-fingered to handle the job, the Quick and Easy hair braider from Conair may be just the solution to your problem. While this device creates what should more accurately be called twists instead of literal three-strand braids, the end results are quick and attractive. Operating the braider is very easy. Simply isolate two thin sections of hair and slip them under the retractable hooks on the braider. Pushing the control button up will then twist the sections into two ropelike strands in preparation for the final twist. When ready, push the button down, and the head of the braider spins quickly, twining and coiling your hair into a tight twist. Finally, secure the bottom of the braid using the included rubber bands and snap-on decorative plastic beads, and your ‘do is done. The braider is made from durable plastic, and measures about 9 inches by 3 inches. –Benjamin Reese

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