EcoTools Naturally Lush Lashes, 1.87 Ounce

EcoTools Naturally Lush Lashes, 1.87 Ounce Description

Expert Application Finishing Touches Remove and Reuse Get Eco-Glam with New Naturally Beautiful Lash System from EcoTools Talk about an eye opener – EcoTools Naturally Beautiful Lash System is the first of its kind to market a lash system at mass, made from the same cruelty-free synthetic material from Ecotools’ iconic makeup brushes’ plush bristles. EcoTools lashes are clinically tested and dermatologist-approved for everyday wear. Each lash is hand-cut to perfection, featuring a unique adhesive and spoolie brush to allow for seamless blending into actual lashes for a natural, elegant New Year’s look – mascara optional! With each lash set including a lash tray with lid to store lashes and protect them for continued use, beauty enthusiasts can get great looking lashes. No irritated, teary eyes as each lash set comes with a hypo-allergenic lash adhesive, free of formaldehyde, latex, parabens, and phthalates. This gentler glue goes on in an iridescent color so users can easily see where glue is being applied to the lash band, and then dries clear for fuss-free application. No more hassle with traditional squeeze tubes, each package comes with a precision wand for ease of glue application – perfect for the get up and go woman. About EcoTools Helping women look beautiful and live beautiful is what EcoTools is all about. EcoTools, a brand from Paris Presents Incorporated, is a leader in bath and beauty products. The entire collection of cosmetic accessories and bath and body products feature innovative materials. Naturally Beautiful Lash System Be glamorous with EcoTools Naturally Beautiful Lash System – the new, sophisticated, line of soft, lush eyelashes! Our complete lash system includes premium, natural-looking false eyelashes, applicator, and glue that is safe for everyday wear. Lashes are made from the same incredibly soft, cruelty-free synthetic materials as our iconic makeup brushes and are tapered to perfection for eyelashes that look beautiful and naturally you. Feel comfortable knowing that our lashes are safe for everyday wear as our glue is formulated without chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, and latex. How to Apply False Lashes Getting Started: Place each lash up to your eye to ensure fit. Cut the ends of the lash if necessary. Prep lashes with brush end of included tool to separate lashes and an eyelash curler to add curl to your natural lashes.Glide-On Glue: Before applying glue, flex lash band with your fingertips several times. Unscrew glue cap to apply glue to the band of the lashes with the precision wand. Add extra glue on the ends of the lash band for extra hold. The glue is iridescent during application but will dry clear. Wait 30 seconds for glue to become tacky and apply along your natural lash line.Expert Application : For precise application, look down into a mirror so your eye is in a relaxed, natural position. Use the bamboo slant edge end of the tool to gently press down lash along lash band to secure. Hold onto lashes for the glue to dry completely.Finishing Touches: Use the brush end of the tool to blend your natural lashes with the false lashes. Finish your look by applying eyeliner with our Flat Eyeliner Brush and a touch of mascara.Remove and Reuse: When you’re done wearing EcoTools lashes, gently peel each lash from the corner of each eye to remove. Use oil-based makeup remover to remove lashes. Remove any excess adhesive with warm water. To use lashes again, remove any adhesive from the lash with warm water and keep lashes on the lash tray.

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