ForeverMints 2-Hour Time Release Breath Mints (100 Tablets)

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ForeverMints 2-Hour Time Release Breath Mints (100 Tablets) Description

World’s First Time-Release Breath Mint For Bad Breath & Dry Mouth Tiny baby aspirin sized tab discretely and comfortably sticks to your rear gum or teeth between your cheek – with no effect on talking or appearance. Takes up to 3 hours to dissolve and to continuously freshen your breath. Contains all-natural Xylitol sweetener and refreshing peppermint. Xylitol has been shown in numerous studies to prevent cavities, kill the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis and whiten teeth Can be used overnight to remedy dry mouth and prevent nasty morning breath. Can be used with braces, dentures and CPAP machines. Suggested Use Put a single ForeverMints microtab against your upper or lower rear gum. In a minute or so it will discretely and comfortably adhere and begin to release continuous breath freshening protection for up to 3 hours. Contains no: Animal products, fermentable sugar, color, dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives and no products of nuts, corn, wheat, rice, grain, gluten, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, milk or yeast. The Bad Breath and Dry Mouth Solution You’ve Been Waiting For ForeverMints give you the confidence you’ve always wanted to talk with people close up without the fear of offending them with foul breath. With ForeverMints You’ll Never have to Worry About Bad Breath Again! Don’t Delay. Order Forevermints Now!

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