GadgetWorkz Apex Endodontic Root Canal Locator

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GadgetWorkz Apex Endodontic Root Canal Locator Description

Description: Precise measurement results; Works under any dry and wet environment. Beeping sounds enablesfluent monitoring of the file tip position. Automatic adjustment; No need to make any changes. Easy sterilization that prevents cross infection between patients. Easy to clean with a slick design. Power saving maintains long life. Credible design, Battery power shows through club-shaped chart, indicated on the LCD screen. A new Alkali dry cell can work for 100hrs continuously. Automatic calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moisture etc. inside the canal, even during the treatment. Specifications: Power voltage DC7.5V (5 DC 1.5V AA Alkali dry cells) Power consumption: below 0.135VA Test Voltage: below AC80mV Display: reflex colored LCD display, buzzer Weight: about 370g Powered by 5 AA Batteries (batteries are not supplied) Package Includes: 1x Root Canal Meter Locator 1x Probe cord 3x File holders 5x Contrary electrodes Terms of Warranty: 1 year Weight: 0.45 kg

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