Gold Z Pointe Automatic Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

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Gold Z Pointe Automatic Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener Description

Say good-bye to those outdated manual cosmetic pencil sharpeners that devour your expensive make-up pencils and scatter messy shavings everywhere. The Z POINTE cosmetic pencil sharpener is the first ever, automatic cosmetic pencil sharpener that gives you a factory fresh point each and every time, with no excessive waste. The beautiful hand polished pyramid design is attractive and will compliment a vanity or bathroom counter. A working piece of art, Z Pointe is the cosmetic pencil sharpener for the 21st Century. The shavings compartment keeps those messy shavings from ending up in your carpet and is large enough to hold months of shavings before it needs to be emptied. The blades were designed to sharpen at the correct angle for make-up pencils with minimal waste. The motor used in the Z Pointe was designed to spin with the correct revolutions to give it enough power to cut through the tough outer shell of most any type of cosmetic pencil, yet fast enough to cut through the soft make-up portion of your cosmetic pencil. To achieve a factory fresh point and make life a little easier, you need to get, Z Pointe. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Does not work with the larger bulky pencils. This listing is for the Gold colored Z Pointe pictured above. There is also a version available in a shiny black pyramid design.

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