Gum 642 Snap-ons Sulcabrush (12 Pack)

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Gum 642 Snap-ons Sulcabrush (12 Pack) Description

Size:12 Pack The GUM® Proxabrush® Snap-Ons Sulcus Brush starter kit comprises a ‘Snap-On’ dual-ended handle for easy-loading and firm attachment of new brush heads. The rubber grip handle is angled to allow easy access to all areas of the mouth. The specially designed brushes remove dental plaque from along the gumline and the gingival sulcus, the places where gum disease often starts. The GUM® Proxabrush® Snap-On Sulcus brush should be used as instructed by a dentist or dental hygienist. The tapered brush heads are made of nylon bristles that are coated with an antibacterial agent* to help the brush stay cleaner between uses.

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