hyG-2 Ionic Toothbrush

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hyG-2 Ionic Toothbrush Description

New plaque magnet hyG electronic toothbrush cleans deposits from areas even electric toothbrushes cannot reach! User reports and clinical tests have shown again and again that this revolutionary plaque magnet brush can remove plaque that even the big motorized brushes cannot – it is no wonder over 20 million are in use in Europe and Asia! Now it is here in the USA and at a price affordable to anyone! The hyG brush contains an ionizing system powered by a Sony lithium battery. When you turn it on, the brush assumes a negative polarity with two results: 1. It reverses the polarity that holds plaque to tooth surfaces 2. The positive plaque particles are then drawn to the negative brush like a magnet even from areas where the bristles cannot actually reach! By removing plaque from hidden gum line areas you reduce buildups that cause gum disease! The hyG system includes electronic handle. 5 interchangeable brush heads, battery tester (lights to show system is working) and travel cap.

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