OObrush Innovative Electric Toothbrush

OObrush Innovative Electric Toothbrush Description

Brushing your teeth is one of those things that you have to do, and—more importantly—you have to do correctly. Improper brushing can lead to loads of health problems and make your teeth look a mess. The problem is, what we were once told about brushing might not be relevant anymore. The best thing you can do is to get a brush—and a brushing method—that dentists actually agree on. This OObrush® electric toothbrush is a great choice for controlled, healthy brushing. It simultaneously cleans the inside and outside of teeth, and, with it’s counter-rotating movement, it ensures proper brushing. Keep your teeth clean and healthy and you’ll be one happy camper. Don’t brush this deal off though—it won’t be here forever! Want to know more? • Dual contra-rotating brushes • Systematically follows the correct brushing technique from gum to tooth thanks to their counter-rotating movement • Cleans simultaneously the inside and outside of the teeth • Continuous pressure on-off button, to always control the functioning of the brush • Equipped with a flexible head which automatically adapts to different dental arches and tooth shapes • Ideal solution for those with braces • Particularly suited to facilitate the brushing of disabled persons • Battery operated (batteries included)

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