TheraSol Tartar Dissolver / Remover – (Remove Tartar Between Visits)

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TheraSol Tartar Dissolver / Remover – (Remove Tartar Between Visits) Description

Finally! A product that removes most tartar. TheraSol Tartar Control (concentrated powder) (3 oz. bottle) TheraSol Tartar Dissolver actually dissolves the tartar that builds up around teeth. Even the hardest tartar will get soft enough to be brushed away. It does so by reversing the way tartar forms in the first place. When oral bacteria die, the minerals in saliva convert them into brick-like miniature fossils that become attached to the positively charged calcium phosphate crystals in teeth. Smaller calcium phosphate salts from saliva fill the gaps between the fossilized bacteria like mortar between bricks. Repeated applications of TheraSol Tartar Control neutralize the ionic charges between the calcium phosphate salts, gradually loosening their bonds to each other and the tooth, gradually dissolving the outer layers and softening the layers below so they can be brushed away. It takes months for tartar to form so it can take a few weeks to entirely reverse the process with repeated applications and brushing. How To Use: TheraSol Tartar Dissolver is a highly concentrated powder. Dilute with ordinary tap water before using. For moderate tartar (calculus), mix 1 scoop (provided) in ½ cup of warm water. 2 scoops for heavy calculus. Swish vigorously for 2 minutes, 2x/day. The more often you use it, the faster the results. Even more effective, instead of swishing, brush with what’s in your mouth like a liquid toothpaste. Spit solution out after rinsing. For periodontal pockets, Mix TheraSol Tartar Control with TheraSol Rinse instead of water. For calculus below the gum line, Apply solution with an an oral irrigator like the ViaJet Pro. TheraSol Tartar Dissolver Powder is Equivalent to 1.4 gallons after mixing

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