Tongue Sweeper Titanium Pro

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Tongue Sweeper Titanium Pro Description

The Tongue Sweeper Titanium Pro is the ultimate in tongue cleaners available today. The Tongue Sweeper Titanium Pro removes the bacteria and plaque that can cause bad breath. This Sweeper is made from medical grade titanium, the same material used in medical and dental implants. Titanium is totally biocompatible with the human body. The Tongue Sweeper Titanium Pro has a patented one-handed design with a low profile for ease of use both for adults and children. Tongue Cleaners are recommended by dental health professionals to clean the tongue’s surface eliminating the biofilm which removes germs and the build-up of plaque and bacteria. Tongue cleaning even improves the sense of taste. Unlike disposable plastic cleaners, the Tongue Sweeper Titanium Pro may be cleaned in the dishwasher and has a life-time guarantee. It is made in the USA.

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